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Wireless Mini Earphone

new hot products We deal in best quality Wireless Mini Earphone that is connected to your mobile phone Via Bluetooth. This device resembles the skin color so that the player can hear the desired information secretly when inserted within the earbuds. Wireless Mini Earphone is available at our official webshop 24/7 hours at special offers. Buy Online Spy Cheating Playing Cards at Special offers and get 100% assurance.

100% quality products

Key Features:

  • - First of its kind device based on Bluetooth technology
  • - Compatible with all branded mobile phones
  • - Has inbuilt micro radio receiver with microprocessor
  • - Shaped in way that it can be placed in ear canal by user himself or herself
  • - High in safety standards and conforming to international norms of noise limits
  • - Runs on its own battery having long standby time
  • - Practically undetectable by the ordinary metal detectors
  • - Ideal for use during interviews, meetings and conferences in Delhi
  • - Highly durable and reliable
  • - Suitable for use even in noisy environment
  • - Made from non-toxic plastics and free from health hazards

new hot products

our latest products
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