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New K3 Analyzer

new hot products On Customers Demands, New K3 Analyzer is in market now with well featured to analyze Marked card. This Amazing device is also known as Poker Predictor/ Smoothsayer that attached analyzer and camera lens in any respective Mobile Phone. By using our new technology device K3 Analyzer in any gambling games, the player who is using it will ultimately win huge money without letting any other players know about this device.
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Key Features:

  • - A technological marvel with an all-in-one unit, which can scan, analyze and deliver results instantly
  • - User-friendly and handy
  • - Uses its own rechargeable battery
  • - Tamperproof body with scratch free coating
  • - Reliable and error-free results in seconds
  • - Ideal for using in casinos, card clubs in Delhi
  • - Compatible with all branded spy earphones
  • - Works by decoding the markings on the spy playing cards and sending message through spy earphones
  • - Can be recharged from any power socket
  • - Full replacement warranty for a year after sale
  • - Factory packed unit with hallmark to prevent piracy

new hot products

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