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Hidden Lens in Phone

new hot products Hidden Lenses in Phone is magnificent way to win lots of money in any gambling games or cards games because it will Report the number and suit of each playing cards within few seconds and helps its user in knowing what is suit and number of playing cards will he get according to wireless voice received by your earphone or Smoothsayer.

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Key Features:

  • - Inbuilt lens in phone, which is hidden
  • - Compatible with mini earphones and other hidden bluetooth devices
  • - Detects the Suit and number of the marked playing cards and sends them to earphones instantly
  • - Shock resistant body in soothing colors
  • - Device can be used to send sms, make phone calls etc. also
  • - Works on its own power generated from a rechargeable battery
  • - Conforms to international safety norms
  • - User-friendly and safe for children also
  • - Nationwide network of after sales service centers
  • - Corrosion resistant body with metallic colors
  • - Comprehensive warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • - Up to fifteen days buyback offer from company to customers in Delhi
  • - Ideal for both amateur card lovers and professional players

new hot products

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